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World War II
Fighting ships are almost as old as human society and have evolved with us. The warships of the Second World War are unique in combining powerful guns, graceful naval architecture, massive armor, speed, stealth and the added dimension of naval aviation in fantastic combinations that resulted in new definitions of everything from patrol craft to capital ships. Witness weapon systems that thrive where most cannot exist - on and beneath the sea "In Action".
   SS14034  PT Boats In Action (SC)
   SS14035  Schnellboot in Action (SC)
   SS4026  Japanese Heavy Cruisers WWII in Action
   SS4028  Gato-Class Submarines in Action
   SS4033  US 110' Sub Chasers In Action
   SS54034  PT Boats In Action (HB)
   SS54035  Schnellboot in Action (HB)
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