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World War II
During the Second World War aircraft advanced in many technical aspects achieving performances and capabilities that fill the gap between aviation's 'golden age' and the 'space age'. Mass produced in fantastic variety by the world's great powers, the airplane filled the skies over nations around the globe and came into its own during the titanic struggle that was WWII. Witness revolutions in aircraft design, engineering and accomplishments "In Action".
   SS10208  P-47 Thunderbolt in Action SC
   SS10219  B-17 Flying Fortress in Action (SC)
   SS10220  F4U Corsair in Action (SC)
   SS10221  B-25 Mitchell in Action
   SS10225  TBF/TBM Avenger In Action
   SS10226  P-61 Black Widow In Action
   SS10227  B-29 Superfortress In Action
   SS10228  B-24 Liberator in Action
   SS10232  PBY Catalina in Action (SC)
   SS1187  Gloster Gladiator in Action
   SS1192  Ilyushin Il-4 in Action
   SS1194  Tupolev SB in Action
   SS1200  Fairey Firefly in Action
   SS1203  US Navy Floatplanes in Action
   SS1204  Early MiG Fighters in Action
   SS1205  P-40 Warhawk in Action
   SS1212  Me 262 in Action
   SS50208  P-47 Thunderbolt in Action HB
   SS50219  B-17 Flying Fortress in Action
   SS50220  F4U Corsair in Action (HB)
   SS50221  B-25 Mitchell in Action
   SS50225  TBF/TBM Avenger In Action
   SS50226  P-61 Black Widow In Action
   SS50227  B-29 Superfortress In Action
   SS50228  B-24 Liberator in Action
   SS50232  PBY Catalina in Action (HB)
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